Project Description

Mikael Meir

Steward for Leadership Change

As a serial entrepreneur, Mikael Meir launched a string of successful companies – from a software company that went public at $800 million to a venture capital firm that took numerous companies public. In 2003 he drove his start-up venture, Portus Asset Management, into a hyper-growth investment fund building a team that created just under $1 billion in assets in 2.5 years. Meir’s conduct at Portus resulted in investigation by the Securities Commission and KPMG, as receiver for investor assets. This provoked a partnership battle and series of events leading to his personal rock bottom: public humiliation, emotional and professional bankruptcy, and six months in jail. Through righteous self-honesty, Meir took responsibility for his actions and used the experience to transform his life. He shifted from being ego driven and self-grasping to practicing living a life of service, using his skills and talents to help others achieve their goals. Today, Meir is a leadership consultant and Ethics Professor who combines 15 years’ experience as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and CEO, with an on-going 14-year journey into behavioral change, developmental psychology, and eastern wisdom traditions to enhance self-awareness. Through his executive coaching and transformational leadership development programs, he helps executives and entrepreneurs make powerful changes in their lives, their businesses, and the world. Meir is an Adjunct Professor of Ethics in Finance at York University’s Schulich School of Business and is a keynote speaker on Transformational Leadership throughout North America.