Project Description

Jason Tuschen

CEO and Co-Founder of Randori INC, Chief of Strategy, RSTOR, Retired SEAL Command Master Chief

Jason Tuschen is an advocate for applied ethics. “I firmly believe that if we want to have peace and civility, it is critical that, if we are going to judge others, then it needs to be on the quality of their character and their actions and not based on whatever stereotype society has decided to group one into… Our biggest issues in the SEAL community have happened when some of our members fell prey to hatred, dehumanized those we are supposed to be helping, and ignored our shared values / ethos as well as the rule of law.”

In October of 1990, he enlisted in the US Navy. What followed was an illustrious, 27-year career in the military. Starting as a Navy SEAL, Tuschen’s career culminated in his service as Command Master Chief for Naval Special Warfare Group ONE (NSWG-1). Throughout his career, he served as on SEAL Team THREE, operator and leader for the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, and as an instructor for the Naval Special Warfare Center, where he taught tactics and values to future SEAL operators and leaders. He was also the senior enlisted advisor for SEAL team SEVEN. He was promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer and was put in charge of First Phase at Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL (BUD/S).

After his diligent service, Tuschen transitioned into the private sector. Along with retired SEAL Command Master Chief Jason Torey, he founded Randori INC in order to help develop the leaders and cultures of organizations ranging from start-up to well-established companies. Randori Inc., is an organization helping businesses—and those who lead them—reach their highest potential. Additionally, he is an advisor to the CEOs of tech start-ups RStor, Sylabs and HealthDom.