Project Description

Scott Knutson and and Shawn Snyder

Scott Knutson currently leads an accomplished team of leadership and organizational development experts for a global Fortune 500 mining concern. He has also led similar teams in both the pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing industries. With more than 25 years’ experience in training and leadership development, Scott has been successful in implementing multi-million dollar training programs, leadership development programs, and organizational development initiatives around the world. Currently, Scott has been instrumental in bringing the concepts of servant-leadership to an organization with a strong command and control leadership legacy. His work at various facilities have helped those organizations see improvements in productivity and employee engagement, as well as helping to define a people-first culture. In addition to his work life, Scott is currently writing his dissertation on implementing servant-leadership in organizations.

Shawn Snyder is an accomplished organizational development expert with a proven ability to develop and implement training strategies as well as organizational change initiatives. He is recognized as an expert in human performance and developing tomorrow’s leaders. He has also led multi-million dollar change initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Shawn is an accomplished speaker and innovator. He has traveled the world inspiring leaders at all levels. He has helped many organizations drive higher sales, increase employee morale, and reduce employee turnover. Innovation and technology are a cornerstone to Shawn’s success with clients. Shawn has several apps available in market that enable interaction with learners in new and different ways.

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