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Dr Walter M Jagela, EdD, MSEd, MDiv

Dr Walter M Jagela is a life-long resident of the State of West Virginia. Dr Jagela was a Catholic priest for 25 years serving a variety of institutions both private and public. While serving in these institutions; Dr Jagela developed a keen sense of being a servant-leader to all persons he encountered. Dr Jagela has been a principal of a private school in West Virginia, has served as a professor at two institutions of Higher Education instructing both in the humanities and education arenas. While instructing in these schools, Dr Jagela became keenly aware of his need and want to pursue his doctorate in Higher Education Leadership with emphasis on Organizational Leadership. Dr Jagela holds two master’s degrees from Mount Saint Mary’s University and Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA and, now his doctorate from Grand Canyon University. His love of family, friends, and being of service to all has generated Dr Jagela’s life-long learning attitude in his life. If you would ask Dr Jagela, what his desire is for the people he serves in a variety of capacities; he would say “I want to simple walk the journey of life with you to help each discover their gifts and talents to impact our world.”

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