Project Description

Christie Melby-Gibbons and Monique Landry

Melby-Gibbons- Tricklebee Cafe

Landry- MSOE Stem-to-Stearn Program

Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons is the executive director of Tricklebee Cafe, Milwaukee’s first pay-what-you-can community cafe. Tricklebee Cafe is a ministry of the Moravian Church in America and a member of One World Everybody Eats. Her undergraduate work was in Russian Language & Area Studies, as well as an approved self-designed major: Nature Theology, considering questions at the intersection of theological and environmental studies, including recovering a valuation of nature and a sense of responsible stewardship through spiritual reflection. She has been an ordained minister in the Moravian Church since 2009. As an artist (eclectic assemblage beading & junk reclamation), an entrepreneur, a spouse, and a mother, she finds joy in simple living.

Landry- “I am an undergraduate student at MSOE pursuing a master’s degree in Architectural Engineering with an emphasis on Building Electrical Systems. My involvement in volunteer organizations is fueled by my passion to give back to my community; I myself come from an unconventional background and have been living on my own since age 15. It is through the generosity of others that I have had so much success, and it is my intention to pay that generosity forward in any way I can.”