Project Description

Daniel Goehring, PhD.- Chair,  Chad A. Hartnell, PhD.  Elizabeth P. Karam, Angelo J. Kinicki, Nikolaos Dimotakis, Daniel I. Watts, G. James Lemoine, Ph.D., Snehal Hora, Jordan Nielsen, Patrick Downes, and Scott Seibert

Daniel Goehring. PhD. worked many years at a Global Fortune 500 company. He had wonderful bosses; he had horrible bosses. This contrast created a burning desire to know what makes the best leaders. While earning a PhD in Management at Iowa, he was awarded a Fulbright to help companies in Japan reduce employee/leader burnout. Inspired by the need there, he co-founded a social enterprise, Meta-Work Life, whose mission is to, “uplift the lives of others by improving the workplace through predictive meta-analytics.” This social enterprise gathers data on and promotes servant-leadership worldwide. He is an Assistant Professor at Missouri State University.

Chad Hartnell, PhD. is an Assistant Professor in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. He studies elements of the social context and their influence on organizational, team, and individual effectiveness. In particular, Dr. Hartnell researches leadership, organizational culture, and the interplay between them

Daniel Watts is a PhD candidate at Georgia State’s Robinson College of Business. Prior to pursuing his PhD, he worked in management consulting where he coupled his passion for purposeful and intentional leadership and culture with his ability to solve complex problems and tell meaningful stories through data. During this time, he worked closely with dozens of successful leaders and organizations ranging from small businesses to some of the world’s largest organizations. Now as a researcher, Daniel Watts studies the interaction of servant-leaders with their teams and organizations including their cognitive and attitudinal effects on their subordinates

– G. James Lemoine, PhD., is an Assistant Professor of Organizations and Human Resources for the State University at Buffalo (SUNY), and a Trustee of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. He has won several awards for his research on leadership, ethics, and motivation, which has been published in top outlets ranging from the academic Journal of Applied Psychology to the likes of Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Prior to his return to academia, Jim spent 12 years in business, consulting, and entrepreneurship, working for organizations such as AT&T. He earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and his BS in Agricultural Economics from Louisiana State University.