Project Description

Peter Brooke

Program Director and Coach, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

Peter describes himself as a “designer of services”, and has extensive experience of delivering service improvement in the health sector, local government sector, private business and the voluntary sector. His passion is working with service users, patients and frontline staff to deliver more effective services. Peter has a Bachelors Honours Degree in Engineering and holds post graduate qualifications in Strategic Management & Leadership, Coaching for Performance and Programme Management. Peter has been working on change management in UK National Health Service Community Nursing for two years, setting up self-directed teams supported by coaches inspired by the Dutch Buurtzorg model. This model is putting servant-leadership into practice by elevating and protecting the interaction between patient and nurse above all else, and designing the organisation around that interaction. The primary benefits of this approach are an improved patient experience, an improved staff experience and a more efficient organisation. Outside of work Peter is a volunteer School Governor and a volunteer Trustee of a Charity supporting people with substance misuse and addiction issues.