Project Description

Espen Klausen, Ph.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

For the past 12 years, Dr. Klausen has served in the public sector as a licensed psychologist at Fond du Lac County’s Department of Community Programs. He conducts therapy services for individuals of all ages, as well as families and couples. Dr. Klausen has a particular reputation for his work with cross-cultural clients, as well as for therapy with complicated cases or where the client has a long history of not responding to, or forming a therapeutic bond with, multiple past providers. Dr. Klausen also completes psychological assessments, including Court appointed assignments to aid Court in it’s decision-making. He is the lead psychologist for various County programs that collaborate with other community resources as well as with other Counties and he provides consultations for the Department of Social Services. Privately, Dr. Klausen provides consultations, seminars, wellness programming, and applied skills trainings for various service-focused organizations, as well as to the general community. He is an external consultant for St. Agnes’ pre-doctoral psychology internship program. Dr. Klausen also serves in a servant and leadership position as an elder and teacher at Fond du Lac Community Church. Dr. Klausen’s strengths as a speaker are his abilities to provide practical strategies, relate the content to the audience, explain things in real-life ways and keep technical terms and jargons to a minimum, while keeping the audience interested. More information about Dr. Klausen as a speaker can be found at

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