Project Description

Dr. Lora Reed,PhD.- Chair, Dr. Nathan Eva, Sungil “Calvin” Chung, Pallavi Awasthi, and Jeremy D. Meuser, PhD.

Reed- President of Peace Offerings, Inc.

Awasthi, Ph.D. Candidate in Public Affairs. Department of Public Policy and Administration, Florida International University, Miami

Meuser- PhD. Assistant Professor of Management

An Examination of the Antecedents of Servant-Leadership- Eva

Cultural Influences on Nonprofit Servant-Leadership- Chang

A Theoretical Framework of Servant-Leadership in the U.S. Local Governments. -Awasthi

So… You Want to Measure Servant-Leadership?- Meuser

-Dr. Lora Reed is President of Peace Offerings, Inc. She was one of the first three Greenleaf Scholars. Lora continues to conduct research and consult on servant-leadership and servant-led organizations. In 2010, Lora and two colleagues developed the Executive Servant Leadership Scales (ESLS) that measures five dimensions of ESL (Interpersonal Support, Community Building, Altruism, Egalitarianism, and Moral Integrity). In 2011 she conducted the first nationwide study on servant-led 911 Emergency Communication Centers in the US. In addition to consulting, Lora serves as a Senior Dissertation Associate in the College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University.

-Dr. Nathan Eva is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management at the Monash Business School, Australia. Dr Eva received the 2015 Emerald/ EMFD Outstanding Doctorial Research Award in Leadership, and was awarded as a 2016 Greenleaf Scholar by the Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership. He has also received numerous awards for teaching excellence. Dr Eva’s research on servant-leadership has been published in the Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, and Public Administration. His research challenges the idea of heroic leadership and argues that we need to rethink how we lead and what leadership behaviors we should reward.

-Sungil “Calvin” Chung is the director of MBA program and the business department chair at Mary Baldwin University. He was born and raised in South Korea until his family moved to the Philippines when he was a middle school student. Since then, he was able to explore different cultures from various countries and visit more than 38 countries and 100 cities all around the world. For his career, Calvin had various sectoral experiences (military, government and nonprofit). His research interest includes leadership theories and values, nonprofit leadership/management, cross-cultural leadership/management, management/international management and social entrepreneurship.

Pallavi Awasthi is a final year doctoral candidate in public affairs at Florida International University, Miami. Her dissertation research explores the role of servant-leadership in the U.S. local governments. For empirical evidence, she conducted a survey of the city-county managers and their staff (N=467) in the State of Florida and four case studies of city-county governments. Prior to joining the Ph.D. program, she was a consultant with UNDP, India on a leadership development project for Civil Servants in India and a Research Analyst in Public Sector Leadership with the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India.

-Jeremy D. Meuser currently works at the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Jeremy does research in Leadership, Personality Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Applied Psychology. Their most recent publication is ‘I-deal makers in workgroups: Multi-level effects of leader fairness and i-deal distribution’.