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George DeTellis

George DeTellis, was born June 11, 1961 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to a pastor and a homemaker. In 1967, his father took over the pastorate of a broken-down inner city church in Worcester, Massachusetts that was being housed in a nineteenth century, former Salvation Army, building. On December 26, 1979 George visited Haiti for the first time with a team from his father’s church. In March of 1982 he returned to Haiti to purchase five acres on the ocean that would be the start of a Christian mission focused on educating children. George met his wife, Paula, in Haiti, where she was serving as a missionary. Today in Haiti, New Missions, the organization that he helped pioneer educates close to 10,000 children and employs 600 people. In 1998 George visited the Dominican Republic to meet with a Canadian businessman who wanted to educate Haitian children who were illegal aliens living in the country. New Missions expanded their work and today educates over 700 children in the Dominican Republic. In 2002 George was given the task of reviving a closed down non-profit camp his grandfather had founded. While completing his MBA at Rollins College he wrote the business plan for a day camp at Camp Woodhaven. Today they provide ten weeks of day camp where almost 400 children will attend and over 100 people are employed during the summer.

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