Project Description

Emily Auerbach and Dr. Kevin Mullen

Auerbach- Professor, University of Wisconsin- Madison

Mullen- Dr. Kevin Mullen, PhD. UW-Madison, MA University of Iowa

Emily Auerbach is an award-winning professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also directs the UW Odyssey Project, a free, life-changing college humanities course for low-income adults.

Kevin Mullen (MA, University of Iowa; PhD, UW-Madison) is an assistant professor of Continuing Education, co-director of the UW Odyssey Project (a program that offers a free, six-credit humanities course to low-income adults), and the Writing Doctor at DCS writing events. His research concentrates on the intersection between the public humanities, adult education, and writing studies, focusing specifically on the ways in which the humanities can provide non-traditional students with opportunities to explore ideas, the arts, and their own experiences while building their writing skills.