Wisconsin Statewide All-Volunteer Servant-Leadership

Session: Models of S-L Gatherings

Elizabeth Evans, Al Czajka, Dr. Dan Lococo, Tom Thibodeau

This session is for persons starting an servant-leadership learning community. The session will focus on the variety of ways of gathering to learn and share experiences. Participants will learn about various forms of S-L gatherings: roundtables, reading groups, training sessions, etc. There will be a panel discussion along with audience Q & A.

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Session: The Mechanics of Starting an S-L Community

Al Czajka, Kim Muench, and Dr. Dan Lococo,

This session is for those who administer servant-leader learning communities, with a focus on the logistics of growing and maintaining an S-L community. Topics include building a contact list, planning gatherings, and, communication with participants. This will be a presentation and discussion.

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Session: Facilitation: Sage on the Stage vs. Guide on the Side

Elizabeth Evans, Dr. Dan Lococo, and Al Czajka

This session is for persons who wish to facilitate conversations among servant-leader practitioners. Topics will include being open to the wisdom in the room, fostering safe conversation spaces, framing and reframing conversations, and managing gathering time. This will be a panel discussion with audience engagement.

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Session: Experience an S-L Roundtable

Dr. Dan Lococo, Al Czajka, Kim Muench, Gene Wright

This is an experiential session based on the roundtable format developed in the Milwaukee area. Participants will engage with other conference participants to explore a topic related to servant-leadership. A facilitator will frame a topic and the content of the conversation will reflect the wisdom in the room. Experience the “-”.

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