Inspirational Experiences of Servant-Leaders

Session: Hope is Hard Work

John McHugh, Director of Corporate Communications, Leadership Development, and Training for Kwik Trip, Inc.

Servant Leaders know the importance of hope in the work they do. Often times the seed is planted but the ultimate fruits are not seen until much later. John will share stories and examples of how hope can be hard work but is essential for great leadership.

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Session: Are you Able? Building Servant-led

Environments Grounded in Dignity and Respect. Datron CEO Transitions from Power-Down Model to Servant-Leadership

Art Barter: Founder and CEO Servant Leadership Institute

This session will examine our ability as servant-leaders to step out of our predictable patterns and truly serve others. It will challenge us to evaluate our behavior in the areas of building trust and listening to understand. Using these behaviors will enable leaders to serve all they come in contact with. Barter will illustrate several challenge areas one encounters when leading diverse individuals. Challenge areas for service include our families, our peers, individuals with differing ideologies, and those with varying political beliefs. Discover the benefits of building servant-led environments grounded in dignity and respect for all.

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Session: A Culture of Servant-Leadership in Sport

Dr. Carolyn Crippen: Associate Professor of Leadership
University of Victoria, British Columbia

“Expect the unexpected. That was how I discovered the Sedin twins, NHL elite hockey players, in the Vancouver Canucks. Participants will hear the story of the investigation and validation of the s-l philosophy and its impact on their team players and administration. As this topic was “outside the box” for me, it became a valuable journey of discovery and could certainly provide impetus for others to pursue servant-leadership in all aspect of sports. The session will be active in discussion and questions.”

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Session: Giving to Gain: Delivering Greater Value as a Volunteer Leader

Laura Davidson: Chapter Member Advisor,
PMI (Global)
President, National Speakers Association Georgia

Attendees will experience: Stories, Fun, and basic Tools that make immediate impact. I deliver my own version of ‘edu-tainment,’ a combination of useful applications packaged in amusing anecdotes that make lessons ‘sticky’ and easy to remember. I share my journey from being a “Hi, welcome to the meeting, here’s your name tag,” volunteer to becoming President of one of the largest professional local associations in the world and then working through the drama I inherited by healing the team through maximizing the gifts each individual brings and aligning their goals to give momentum to the success of the organization.

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Session: Correlation between Servant-Leadership and
Job Satisfaction in the Police Service

Donald R. Kudek, Ph.D., MBA Assistant Professor Academic Chair – Business, Accounting and Sports Management Wisconsin Lutheran College

Although it is hard to argue with the concepts of servant-leadership, some leaders need to see proof that the concepts make a real difference in their workplaces. A study was done to see if a relationship between servant leadership characteristics and job satisfaction was evident within a large police force. A police force was chosen given the challenges of police work today, and the fact police structures tend to be a high command and control environments. The study was conducted over a multi-year period, with two different Police Chiefs, each with different leadership styles. Results of the study will be shared.

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Servant-Leadership in the Age of Racism

Julia Kapilango

Servant-Leadership in the Age of Racism seeks to provide an interactive exploration of American plantation mind conditioning (for captive slave and master) and how it manifests in today’s racial climate. We will take a deep dive into the intersectional connections of building safe spaces for services advocacy using Underground Railroad knowledge and organizational planning. The use of role playing will offer real life outcomes of implementing human championing in healing our nation’s and global hidden hate on behalf of Black African Americans and people of color internationally using servant-leadership principles.

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Session: Followership training – the Ultimate in Servant-Leadership

Donald R. Kudek, Ph.D., MBA Assistant Professor Academic Chair – Business, Accounting and Sports Management Wisconsin Lutheran College

In the late 1900’s James MacGregor Burns, considered a leadership pioneer, wrote, “one of the most serious failures in the study of leadership has been the bifurcation between the literature on leadership and the literature on followership”. Recently, more work has been done to gain a greater understanding of followership and those in that role. This session will give an overview of followership, types of followers, and review the results of a study that showed a relationship between personality and followership styles, thus revealing that the attributes of a follower are similar to those desired in a leader.

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Session: Building A Better Workplace And World With Purpose

Ryan McCarty, Co-Founder Culture of Good

In this presentation, Ryan inspires each of us to bring our soul to work and life every day. He shares how building an authentic, caring community connects each of us to a more meaningful, fulfilling experience while at work. The audience will learn how to lead with the end in mind. He shares how to lead beyond position and title to adopt a servant-leadership paradigm. The audience will learn how to lead through inspiration and authentic connection. The principles taught from 25 years of non-profit and for-profit leadership guarantees a life led for legacy to answer the question, “How am I going to matter?”

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Session: Transformative Servant-Leadership Development through Short-term International Cultural Immersion

C. Kelly Ottman, Jesse Broaddrick, Casey DeLao, Stacey Driftka,

Mason Khan, Keelan Runnalls, Mandy Runnalls, Kevin D. Zeinemann

The panel will include professionals who engaged in a short-term China based study abroad/cultural immersion as part of their graduate studies. Panel members represent a broad array of backgrounds and disciplines, as well different years of participation. Yet, they share in their experience of servant-leadership transformation that has impacted their leadership and life journey. The panel will highlight tenets of servant-leadership linked to their immersion, which included “building” a library in a rural school. They specifically will address how they “unleashed the energy” in the rural school children, as well as classmates through learning to coach not control and changing the pyramid as each took risks to step into multiple leadership roles before, during and after the immersion. The session will be facilitated by the program developer, Dr. Kelly Ottman, who has experience in servant-leadership development through international service learning in academic and corporate settings.

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Session: Learn How To Shepherd Your Team

Eric Peterson: Program Manager

Our society, organizations, and friends are exhausted by leaders that place their interests over those whom they have a responsibility to serve. Servant-leadership principles bring welcomed relief. We need to equip more individuals and teams that can light the way. During this session, Eric will illustrate how effectively shepherding our teams produces remarkable results that earn us permission to lead as we become the leader others are waiting to follow. What to expect: Develop your leadership voice, Learn to effectively invite others into servant-leadership, Applying servant-leadership to influence senior leadership, Build a thriving community at work.

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Title: Emerging Leaders Arise
“Creating a Pathway & Shaping our Future”

Laneice McGee -Founder, Future Entrepreneurs Moving Ahead

You are a game changer, you can write the narrative to your own leadership journey. You are a leader, not base on your title, but your action. Leading from where you are, can be the pathway to lead from the front. Understanding that every role is crucial for the vision to move forward. Join us for an interactive discussion as we explore together, techniques to build, grow, and change within your team environment. Discovering ways to foster & align your vision to the overall mission while expanding your professional outlets. Leaders emerge and rise; your time is now!

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Session: My 54 year Journey in Servant-Leadership as an Electric Service Provider

Richard R Pieper, Sr. Chairman Emeritus PieperPower Company

The journey starts early in life and is a calling greater then self the reasons will be shared . First 15 years it turns out this naive kid did not understand what was happening right under his noise the federal and state governments did and the FBI could not understand how he was not a part of it . He started by buying his dads 3 man organization and grew it to 1100 people in a number of states . The fact that he was not in a growth market with capable competitors was not realized until years later . He will describe his valued added approach with no sales people or advertising , how he had bank loans that seemed to always exceed his assets and show you a list of breaking new ground in terms of the percent of its cost ranging from 25 to 100% of the company’s net worth at the time . This will be a total transparent operation and then selling the business to the employees as an example of ethical model for others to learn from.

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Session: Transformation into Servant-Leadership: From Fear and Greed to Service and Love

Mikael Meir, Steward for Leadership Change

In TED-like fashion, this is a profoundly personal and vulnerable first-person story of arising into Servant-Leadership. A story about a young man, caught up in the pursuit of worldly success – who made poor ethical decisions and suffered grave consequences. As a result of this suffering – and getting introduced to the notion of “Service” through both Greenleaf and Eastern Wisdom Traditions – he made a clear commitment that the rest of his life would be dedicated to cultivating the Ethic of Service in himself, and then developing other leaders to that end. As a result of vigorously practicing the ethic of service and cultivating “Acceptance and Empathy” he went on to achieve much in an short period of time, not the least of which was the profound peace and power that comes from aligning oneself and one’s leadership with an ethic of service.

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Session: Greatness and the call to Servant-Leadership

George DeTellis

The title of my presentation is “Greatness and the call to servant-leadership”. We all desire greatness. The desire for greatness is in our DNA. We don’t want people to say about us, “He didn’t amount to much”. We all want to leave our mark. We want to do great things. This is why we desire wealth. We hope that wealth will make us great and give us the power to do great things. Through stories of my work at Camp Woodhaven I will share how we can find the greatness we desire serving the people that we lead.

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Session: Servant-Leadership In Hard Times….The Closing of the Delphi Brake Operations

Tom Green, Former Plant Manager Delphi Corporation, TJGreenLLC and Mary T. Miller, Former Human Resources Manager Delphi Corporation, MTM Transformation Coaching

The Situation – the bankruptcy and plant closure of Delphi Corporation, a spinoff from General Motors Corporation. Delphi, in Bankruptcy Since 2005, was a business in crisis with thousands of employees impacted. Their large Dayton, Ohio operation was set to close and there were enormous challenges to overcome. The Actions taken – applied servant-leadership principles. Listen – Don’t Talk, Ask – What Do People Need?, Ask – Do Those Served Grow?, Set Aside Time for People and Planning, Keep the Workforce Focused on Improving Performance, Celebrate Successes – Large and Small. The Results – Very Successful Plant Closure, Excellent Customer Feedback, Excellent Performance to Metrics – Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost, Workforce Prepared for Their Next Phase in Life, Experienced the Joy of Serving.

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Session: Servant-Leaders as Change Agents in Human Services Organizations: Service Centered Leadership in the Manner of St. Camillus De Lellis

Fr. Anthoni Jeorge, MI

This paper identifies the most distinctive dimensions and essential elements of servant-leadership in the life of St. Camillus de Lellis. These dimensions and elements are clustered into spirituality of servant-leadership and operational servant-leadership. Supported by the characteristics and competences of servant-leadership as defined by current leadership literature, the paper ascertains that: St. Camillus, by identifying himself with the sick gained deeper insights concerning the pain and suffering of the population for whom he dedicated himself in order to enhance the quality of life. Uniquely drawn from his Christian faith, Camillus’s service-centered leadership is Gospel- centered and people-oriented. His way of service to the sick is the prolongation of those gestures of mercy and compassion which characterized the earthly life of Jesus Christ. The results of this study will help to develop a servant-leadership culture in health care organization in reference to compassionate services to the sick.

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Session: The Formula for Optimal Results

Scott Knutson and Shawn Snyder

The Challenge: An organization recently spent considerable resources finding methods to improve production. They accomplished decent returns on their investments by focusing on increasing process efficiency but were not satisfied. We proposed an alternative approach to accomplishing their goals by developing a community focused on helping others to succeed through strengthening relationships, improving communication and developing people. The client is now setting new production records and attributes their success to the Optimal Results Formula. Our formula leverages two key characteristics of servant-leadership – building community and a commitment to the growth of people (Spears, 2012).

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Mike Mc-Cormick

Session: House on Fire! Fan the Flame. Spark a Movement.

Mike McCormick, Lead Pastor of Calvary Christian Church

The session highlights the servant-leader work in the newly released (Dec 17, 2019) book House on Fire! A Story of Loss, Love, and Servant-Leadership, co-authored by Ken Jennings, PhD (Author of Best Selling Book, The Serving Leader) and Mike McCormick, DMin. This session will unpack three key principles consistent with Robert Greenleaf’s servant-leadership principles of Deep Listening and Co-Creation. Each principle is brought to life by real life stories of high purpose teams/organizations that undergo a leadership transformation that spreads out to transform communities and nearby neighborhoods.

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Session: Transformative Servant-Leadership Development through Short-term International Cultural Immersion

Carolyn “Kelly” Lawrence Ottman, Ph.D. and Jesse Broaddrick

This session focuses structure and learning models to promote the development of global servant-leaders through short-term immersion. Adapted from best practices for short-term study abroad programs (Donnelly-Smith, 2009), integrated with a program assessment (Meinholz, 2016) and ground in reflections from 100 participants over 10-years, strategies to promote servant-leadership will be discussed by a panel of program alumni. Practices include:

  • Intentionality of learning
  • Interaction and integration of the local community in the process
  • Facilitator competence
  • Progressive transfer of leadership to learners
  • Guided reflective processes, individually and as a group, before, during and after immersion

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Session: How the Girl Scout Gold Award Grows Servant-Leaders

Sheryl Robinson, Founder Grow and Share Network LLC
2014 Viterbo MASL graduate – Colloquium project “Do Girl Scouts Become Servant-Leaders”

Using opportunities to guide the development of a servant-leadership style in middle and high school students can have a large impact on a community years down the road. Affordable and accessible programs for adolescents can have as great an impact as the lessons taught in school. The prospect for a student to involve others in supporting community improvements can create leadership and teamwork skills to last a lifetime. The Girl Scout Gold Award will be used as an example of a program.

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Len D. Robinson

Session: The Synergy of Servant-Leadership AND Coaching is Transforming Culture in Healthcare. Why Not Your Industry?

Len D. Robinson, MS, CRNA, Master Level Certified Life-Coach and Founder of Illume-A-Nation, Inc.

In our modern era of technology and social disconnectedness, the need for servant-leadership has never been greater. Len Robinson will reveal why many leaders are encountering unexpected challenges when trying to inspire and motivate an increasingly disengaged and burned-out workforce. Attendees will learn servant-leadership coaching strategies to aid in identifying the source of burnout and tools to reverse its’ escalation. Servant-Leaders can then effectively serve the people in their organization by optimizing wellbeing and mastering tools/resources such as mindfulness practices, promoting connectedness, and promoting clarity regarding the purpose and meaning of life AND work.

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Session: Bringing Servant-Leadership to your team

Jason R. Weber, Associate Vice President – People Development at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

In this session, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about team effectiveness and six essential servant-leadership themes as identified by Irving and Longbotham (2006). Each of these six themes impacts a unique element of team effectiveness when applying servant-leadership to their workplace. Learners will have time to interact with the six themes through case examples and guidance will be provided on how to leverage these themes in their teams, regardless of their position. Attendees will leave with six guiding questions that will support them through their servant-leadership journey.

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Session: A Servant-Leader Journey from Boxing Ring to Board Room

Héctor Colón, President and CEO, Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

At the height of his winning career, Héctor Colón had Olympic dreams, sponsorships, and the promise of millions. Now, as President and CEO of one of the largest human services organizations in the Midwest, Colón will share why he chose to step away from the boxing ring glory. Participants will learn of his leap of faith toward the board room and a life of giving back, making a difference and contributing to the greater good. Colón will reveal the miracles that followed his “yes” to leading with a servant heart, which include a two-year $4M turnaround for the organization.

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Session: Building A Winning Culture

Dave Skogen, Chairman of the Board, Festival Foods

Even with more than 6 decades of grocery experience, Dave would say he’s actually in the relationship business, it just so happens he sells groceries. He will cover the key characteristics that have developed Festival’s winning culture, and how you too can win through implementing these traits; not only in your work life, but also in your personal life.

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Session: Servant-Leadership Portals to Social Justice, In and Out of Classrooms, via Intellectual, Empathic and Civic Courage

Michael Carriere, Carolyn “Kelly” Lawrence Ottman, Ph.D.

The focus of the pre-conference workshop will be on putting courage into action through experiential learning based on the tenants of servant-leadership (Keith, 2008) that unleash the full potential of all participants. This workshop will explore, through a series of exercises and discussions centered on racism and poverty, strategies to promote self-awareness and intellectual courage to open portals to empathic and civic courage. Activities to invert the pyramid, including the world café, idea-building and diversity wheel discussions, will be modeled through a servant-leadership-based curriculum grounded in the broader community.

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Kenneth Braswell

Session: How to Do Good While Doing Well as a Business

Kenneth Braswell, CEO; Fathers Incorporated

Attendees will learn strategies and best practices about building a business that does good yet is profitable from Kenneth Braswell, CEO of Fathers Incorporated (FI). Since 2004, FI has served as a leader of responsible fatherhood nationally. Kenneth began this business on a shoestring budget. The nonprofit manages a $5.3 million budget, the largest contract under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at $19 million.

• How to build a solid business model that supports a social mission while also outlining a plan for scale/profiting
• Business essentials needed to do business at Scale
• How to get Government contracts

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