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Session: The Serving Leader Journey at the Cleveland Clinic

Chris Nagel, Sr. Director, Team and Leadership Development, Cleveland Clinic

The journey at the Cleveland Clinic with Serving Leadership has been in progress for over ten years through various methodologies, modes of delivery and learning along the way. All in the hopes of continuing the development of our Caregivers to develop a culture that better serves each other and the patients. This session will aim to describe how we began this journey, the learnings along the way and how we have been able to sustain the excitement to take servant-leadership at the Cleveland Clinic into the next decade.

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: Developing the Intentional Servant-Leader: Assessing Organizational Performance

Holly Hall EdD., RN, MSHA and Linda Belton


Attendees will be able to better understand the impact of the servant-leadership on organizational outcomes. Servant-leader behaviors will be defined and identified. Attendees will be offered guidelines for creating a servant-leader performance assessment tool adaptable to the organization’s environment and provided guidelines for developing and validating an instrument that measures key dimensions of servant-leader behavior specific to his/her organization.

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Session: A Grassroots Effort to Elevate the
Status of Patient to Partner in Care
Patricia W. Morrill, PMP, EDAC,
President, PM Healthcare Consulting, LLC

This session involves a brief presentation utilizing a checklist handout with practical applications for each attendee to advocate for their own healthcare and to spread information to others, which simultaneously provides an example of a community outreach approach. Small table groups will analyze the impact of servant-leadership in the myriad of complex systems in healthcare delivery followed by an interactive large group discussion.

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Session: Patient, White Coat, and White
Collar Perceptions: Bridging the Gap
Sherrie Palm, Founder/CEO, Association for
Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support (APOPS)

This presentation will illuminate the value of empathy and active listening to engender and embrace community building with a focus on the value of patient voice. This session will pivot on the acknowledgement of interconnection between distinct sectors, building strengths and resources within all divisions of communities, evolving collaborative and equitable partnerships, and processes to stimulate best practices and policies.

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Session: Moving from Good to Great: Servant-Leadership and Behavioral Health

Mary Imbornone, National Director of Learning and O.D.,
Devereux Advance Behavioral Health

In 2017, in a business environment with rapidly changing conditions, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health recognized a need to be prepared and nimble enough to adapt and grow in the years ahead. This national nonprofit wanted to explore thoughtful and meaningful ways to spark innovation and engagement at all levels of the organization. The decision to incorporate servant-leadership into its culture and framework became the catalyst for creating changes in an organization that was already good, but aspired to be the best. Learn how this decision has enriched their workforce, increased accountability, enhanced services for individuals/families and generated promising outcomes.

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Session: One Giant Leap – from Risk Management to Servant-Leadership

Peter Brook, Program Director and Coach, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

This session is about our journey from command and control to empowerment, from a workforce feeling measured to feeling treasured, from a negative focus on what’s wrong to a positive focus on what’s strong. Kent Community Health (UK) provides nursing and care services for people who are well enough to leave hospital but not well enough to access general healthcare services in their community. We therefore meet people in their own homes, we make time to listen, we build relationships, we help our clients set achievable goals, we empower our clients and where possible we help them care for themselves. We’ve achieved amazing results in client experience and staff engagement whilst strengthening the bottom line. How did we do it? – servant-leadership!

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Session: Serving Our Patients and Employees: The Journey from Ivory Tower to Servant-Leadership

Angela McClure, Chief Experience Officer

In this session, Angela McClure, Chief Experience Officer for Fresenius Medical Care, describes the culture transformation that led to developing leaders and strengthening teams, creating tremendous value for patients, customers, employees, partners and the healthcare system. Sharing the healthcare organization’s journey to servant-leadership, this session explores the “why, what and how” the strategy of leading with mission and values improved outcomes and performance.

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