Pre-Day: Foundations Series – Servant-Leadership

Kent Keith
Session 1 The “What” of Servant-Leadership

Dr. Kent M. Keith, President of Pacific Rim Christian University in Honolulu, Hawaii

Pre-day: Foundations of Servant-Leadership—The “What” of Servant-Leadership from Greenleaf’s experience and conceptual framework to research and ideas that support his work, including ideas about ethics, meaning, and motivation.

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Larry Spears
Session 2: Deep Understanding of Greenleaf’s Characteristics

Larry Spears, President & CEO of the Larry C. Spears Center for Servant-Leadership

Pre-Day: Foundation of Servant-Leadership – Review and deepen your understanding of Greenleaf’s Characteristics that still serve as a useful approach for personal growth and development as effective and caring servant-leaders.

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Session 3: The “How” of Servant-Leadership

Linda Belton, Director, Organizational Health, VHA National Center for Organization Development

Pre-day: Foundations of Servant-Leadership – How? The practice of the principles of servant-leadership individually and institutionally. Session includes the operational skills and strategies Greenleaf proposed and the active research of professionals in the field.

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Session 4: The “Who” of Servant-Leadership
Don Frick

Pre-day: Foundations of Servant-Leadership – Who? The significance of character and how it is natural and intentionally developed for individuals and organizations: schools, hospitals, public service; all of character development is leadership development.

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Session 5: The “Why” of Servant-Leadership

Tom Thibodeau, Associate Professor, Distinguished Professor of Servant-Leadership Viterbo University, Host Speaker/Member Wisconsin Servant-Leader Cities Committee

Pre-day: Foundations Servant-Leadership – Why? The Spirit of the work. Servant-Leaders are spirit carriers in their organizations. This demands discipline and courage as does all innovative and creative work. The distinguishing characteristic is the moral imperative of the Best Test as to how the least are accepted and included in the work.

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