Session: Now More Than Ever – Knowing and Staying
Connected to Your “Why”

Steve Thiry: Program Director/Learning Facilitator
(Former Law Enforcement Assistant Chief of Police)

In today’s world, individuals and groups are becoming increasingly polarized on numerous topics and the ability to understand each other’s point-of-view is becoming difficult. Now more than ever is the time for servant-leaders to be strong in their “natural feeling to serve” and their choice to serve others from a place of curiosity, mutual respect and dignity.

This session will present ways to discover the “why” which drives one to serve and how it differs from the “what” and the “how”. It will also suggest a system of purpose, intention, action and reflection to help leaders stay on track.

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Session: The Desire to Serve: Servant-Leadership and the First Responder

Dr Eric Russell, Ed.D., CHPP

The Desire to Serve: Servant-Leadership and the First Responder, spotlights the philosophy of servant-leadership as it relates to law enforcement, fire-rescue, and emergency services. The session delineates upon the foundational aspects of servant-leadership, arguing specifically that what brings the responder to the career mimics that which forms the servant-leader. The discussion spends time with Greenleaf’s pragmatic questions, as well as the philosophy’s identified characteristics, constructs and attributes in order to make the case that servant-leadership within the uniformed public safety services is a natural fit. Thus, a leadership approach as noble as the profession.

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Session: Leading from Within; How the Servant-Leadership Model Impacts Us as Leaders, Employees, and People

Mac Tristan, Chief of Police, Retired, Coppell, Texas

Successful leaders know that it isn’t enough to simply tell employees what to do—you must also actively help them succeed. The servant-leader shares power and puts the needs of others first while helping them develop and perform at the highest possible level. The result benefits the entire organization. In a highly evolving, high profile profession like policing, Servant-Leadership is the key to success. This session will focus on how to take a traditional, command and control organization where the exercise of power is at the top of the pyramid to a servant-led culture where self-actualized employees thrive.

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Session: In Command of Guardians

Dr. Eric Russell, Ed.D., CHPP

In Command of Guardians brings to life the philosophy of servant-leadership for law enforcement, fire-rescue, and emergency services professionals. Attendees are exposed to the power of servant-leadership, and its practicality within first responder career fields. The program identifies pathways to bring the philosophy to life in one’s leadership approach, as well as one’s organization. Throughout the session, attendees engage servant-leadership through short lectures, open discussions, and a few reflective exercises. Topics include the call to serve-the call to lead, servant-listening, healing responders, the servant visionary, stewardship, the cycle of trust, posttraumatic growth of responders, and building a community of responders.

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Translating Values Into Action Every Day: Servant-Leadership as the Keystone of Campus Policing Philosophy

Captain Jill Weisensel, MS

This thought provoking session will showcase how one urban campus police department has embraced empathy, guardianship, and the principles of servant-leadership. Attendees will walk away with immediately actionable ideas related to training ethical protectors, supporting institutional values with policy, and building community trust through collaborative outreach programs.

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